Ideally, a new entrant child would have some idea of the basic Tripod Grip before they start school. There are many different preschool learning situations, and, they do not necessarily have the type of educational structure to teach this important skill.

Also, as Heidi Tringali alluded to in her introduction, this lack of penmanship skills is now a second generation problem in many Western world countries.

However, Nana and Grandad, if you attended school prior to 1970s, you most likely will have a firm confident pen grasp.
Very rarely do I notice anyone over the age of 45-50 years with poor pen grip, and many of the older generation still have beautiful cursive handwriting.
There are many studies concluding that cursive handwriting will outdo print script in handwriting speed tests.
As Joanna Buttfield said in her video “when the pressure of work, requiring Handwriting comes on in the higher classes, that is when poor pen grip can fail.”
I urge parents, and Nana and Granddad (particularly Nana and Granddad, as quite often they have the time ) if you notice your New Entrant grandchildren  struggling with an immature pen grip, it would be a wonderful gift from you to show them, when they ask,”How do I do it?”

There is great little book “HOW TO HOLD A PENCIL.”  by Megan Hirsh

If you click on Megan’s website you can see one or two of the photographs.




Megan’s Website:

Also, if grandchildren do not live close, write to them in cursive script.Handwriting experts have noticed, children in Western countries are beginning to lose the ability to read cursive handwriting. I think this is a real shame- isn’t handwriting part of our Heritage?

We must keep it alive for our children, grand children, and future generations.

Thank you Megan for your permission to link to your website.
Megan’s book is also available at

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